Block deals this week are particularly advantageous to Adani Enterprises. How did ITC, Airtel, HDFC, and other companies perform?


The Nifty50’s top performer during the five trading sessions of the week that ended on Friday, May 26 was Adani Enterprises, which increased its value by nearly 30%. The Ahmedabad-based company, which has business interests in mining, solar manufacturing, and water management among other things, received Rs 1,021 crore as a result of 61 block deals. The transactions covered 40.34 lakh shares and were completed at an average price of Rs 2,531.

The worst performer of the week was Star Health Insurance, whose shares sank 8.8%. Overall, 12 block sales totaling Rs 668 crore were carried out, according to a Nuvama report. According to the data, 1.21 crore shares were traded at an average cost of Rs. 551 each.Both buying and selling occurred during the block trades.

According to the Nuvama research, 17 additional stocks experienced considerable bulk transaction activity over the course of the week, including ITC, Bharti Airtel, Hindustan Unilever, HDFC, Adani Transmission, Interglobe Aviation, Page Industries, and Max Healthcare Institute.

The greatest value deal in the group was made by Max Healthcare, which made 6 block deals totaling Rs 1,098 crore. The stock closed the week down 0.9% from where it started.

In ITC, 10 block deals involving 59.83 lakh shares were carried out at an average price of Rs 436. The deals had a value of Rs 261 crore, and the stock rose 5.7% for the week.

For Bharti Airtel, seven block agreements totaling Rs 288 crore were carried out during the course of the week. A total of 35.93 lakh shares were traded, at an average price of Rs 801 per share. The stock finished the week up 1.5%.

HDFC saw 5 block transactions totaling 228 crore. A total of 861,000 shares were traded for an average price of Rs 2,653 each. The stock finished the week down 2.2%.

Adani Transmission, another company from the Adani stable, saw 6 block deals performed at a cost of Rs 163 crore. The average share price was Rs 898, and the weekly gains were 8%.

The week saw a 3.9% decline in the stock price of Policy Bazaar’s operator, PB Fintech. During this time, ten block deals totaling Rs. 790 crore were completed. Over 1.29 crore shares were traded at an average price of Rs 609.

HUL, another Nifty50 powerhouse, saw the completion of 5 block trades totaling Rs 109 crore. On a weekly basis, the stock concluded with gains of 0.4%.

Nifty50, the second-best performing index among MSCI Emerging Market peers last week, increased by 1.63%. Among emerging markets, the Taiwan 50 Index saw the biggest gains.

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