Open Interest And DII FII Data

Data on call options

The highest call open interest (OI) on the weekly options market was around the 18,800 strike, with 1.03 crore contracts, which is anticipated to be a key resistance level for the Nifty.

18 700 strikes totaling 90.9 lakh contracts and 19,000 strikes totaling more than 87.64 lakh contracts came after this.

The significant Call writing was observed at the 18,800 strike, adding 11,05 lakh contracts. This was followed by the 18,900 strike, adding 7,7 lakh contracts, and the 19,500 strike, adding 6,09 lakh contracts.

The significant Call unwinding occurred at the 18,500 strike and resulted in a loss of 6,69,00 contracts. This was followed by the 18,400 strike’s loss of 6,68,00 contracts and the 18,600 strike’s loss of 4.6,00 contracts.

Data put option

The 18,300 strike, with 1.12 crore contracts, has the highest open interest on the put side and is anticipated to serve as a crucial support level in the ensuing sessions.

The 18,000 strike, which involved 99.56 lakh contracts, and the 18,600 strike, which involved 97.19 lakh contracts, came after this.

Put writing was observed at strike 18,600, which added 37.77 lakh contracts, then at strike 18,100, which added 12.68 lakh contracts, and strike 18, which added 10.07 lakh contracts.

17,700 strike experienced put unwinding, which resulted in the loss of 6,94 lakh contracts. This was followed by 17,800 strike’s loss of 2,49 lakh contracts and 17,900 strike’s loss of 35,000 contracts.

Data FII and DII

On May 30, according to preliminary data from the National Stock Exchange, foreign institutional investors (FIIs) purchased shares worth Rs 2,085.62 crore and domestic institutional investors (DIIs) sold shares for Rs 438.93 crore.

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