Supreme Court junior assistant salary and details

Supreme Court junior assistant salary

Supreme Court junior assistant salary 

Rs. 35400/- Basic + GP 4200/- Gross: Rs. 63068/- per month

The Indian Supreme Court, which is the highest court in the nation, is essential to maintaining the rule of law and making sure that justice is done. The Supreme Court has a group of committed professionals working behind the scenes, including Junior Assistants, to carry out its duties efficiently. We will discuss the job duties and requirements for junior assistants at the Indian Supreme Court in this blog article.

Position at the Indian Supreme Court as a Junior Assistant:

In the Indian Supreme Court, junior assistants are in charge of offering judges and other staff members administrative help. In addition to filing and organising court paperwork, they also create case summaries and handle contact with other courts, attorneys, and government organisations

Junior Assistants may also be in charge of scheduling court sessions and working with other departments to ensure that everything goes according to plan. Also, they could be asked to support judges in court by giving them pertinent data and papers as needed.

The Indian Supreme Court’s requirements for junior assistants are as follows:

Candidates must fulfil specific requirements in order to be eligible for a position as a Junior Assistant in the Indian Supreme Court. They consist of:

Qualifications in terms of education: Applicants must have graduated from an accredited institution. A legal education might be advantageous.

The candidate must be between the ages of 18 and 27. Candidates from specific groups may receive an age relaxation in accordance with government regulations.

Candidate computer competency is required, as as familiarity with MS Office and other foundational programmes.

Linguistic ability: Applicants must be fluent in Hindi and English, both written and verbally.

An interview is frequently conducted after a written test as part of the Indian Supreme Court’s selection procedure for junior assistants. Questions on general knowledge, computer abilities, and language competency may be in the written test.

Junior Assistant’s pay and benefits in the Indian Supreme Court:

The 7th Pay Commission sets the Junior Assistant’s pay and benefits in the Indian Supreme Court. Junior Assistants currently start out earning Rs. 35,000 per month. Also, they are eligible to a number of other benefits, including travel, housing rent, and dearness allowances.

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